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 About Ionbeam Scientific

As a provider of Ion Beam Sources and spare parts support for applications such as thin film deposition, ophthalmic coating, and semiconductor applications for over 20 years, Ionbeam Scientific remains dedicated to the field of Ion Beam Technology.

Around mid 1970, the potential process benefits of an ion source were just starting to be appreciated, primarily for semiconductor and electron microscopy applications. Products which could be used as ‘real’ process tools were not available. Fortunately, this did change due to continued development. As a result, we have been able to bring to the market a range of powerful, gridless, gridded DC or RF ion sources – real process tools, and now also apply them to our range of ion beam systems.


Ion source sales

In September 1993, Commonwealth Scientific (UK) was formally set up as the first ever direct operation of Commonwealth Scientific (USA) to provide sales, technical support and service for their range of Ion Sources and Systems.

Although it was the original intention that CSC (UK) operation would cover the UK market and some designated European territories, our technical expertise in Ion Beam Technology was found to be beneficial to customers on a worldwide basis. We have many customers who have benefited from our advice.

However, around the year 2000, Commonwealth Scientific Corporation (USA) ceased to exist as an entity, following two subsequent acquisitions by USA corporations. With none of the original team of experienced Commonwealth engineers remaining, a strong need to support existing customers was realised and hence the decision was made to change the name of our operation to Ionbeam Scientific.


Ionbeam Scientific

Our name change also coincided with the introduction of the next generation Kaufman & Robinson Inc. ion source product range, and our commencement of manufacturing of competitively priced ion source consumable spare parts.

We have since been providing low cost spare parts to our historical customers for the earlier generation products, as well as the newer product range which now includes a wide range of DC End-Hall Gridess, DC Kaufman Gridded, and also RFICP Gridded ion sources.

We have been able to introduce a large number of these ‘Next Generation’ KRI ion sources into the field both to individual and OEM customers who routinely comment on the excellent performance, reliability, and also the technical support provided.

Our most recent activity has been that of developing a new range of Ion Beam Systems, an area in which we have had much previous close association and experience. Our systems range is designed to cover and combine ‘hybrid’ e-beam or magnetron deposition with ion beam assistance and also provide dedicated ion beam milling and deposition systems for applications ranging from R&D through to production – and we intend to remain dedicated to promoting the benefits of Ion Beam Technology.

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