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 EH gridless ion sources

Yet another successful ion source development programme from KRI, the originators and patentees of the Veeco-Commonwealth MKI, MKII & MKIII ion sources. The original gridless ion source technology is now some 30 years old. However, progressive development has continued, leading to a radical redesign and improved ion source efficiency. A doubling of beam current and increase operational range is the result. High performance ion beams can now be simply and economically integrated in to most thin film deposition systems.


The latest EH series sources now provide a more efficient and much higher ion beam current output, with wider operational range, essential for optimum process flexibility. This is coupled with a very robust revised design with well protected insulators and very much lower need for replacement consumable parts. The unique ‘plug-in’ modular anode design permits very rapid and simple servicing.

In addition to these benefits, the provision of well protected modular switch mode power supplies ensures many years of low cost, trouble-free operation in even the most demanding production application.

Design features and advantages

Gridless plug in module

EH gridless ion source products

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  Neutraliser type Discharge Voltage
Discharge Current
(ID max)
Beam Divergence
Gases Gas flows
height x dia
Water cooled
EH200 F or HC 30-300V 2A >45° Ar, O2, N2, H2, organic precursors, others 1-15 2.0" x 2.5" No
EH400 F or HC 50-300V
>45° Ar, O2, N2, H2, organic precursors, others 2-25 3.0" x 3.7" Optional
EH1000 F or HC 50-300V
>45° Ar, O2, N2, H2, organic precursors, others 2-50 4.0" x 5.7" Optional
EH2000 F or HC 50-300V
>45° Ar, O2, N2, H2, organic precursors, others 2-75 4.0" x 5.7" Yes
EH3000 HC 50-250V
>45° Ar, O2, N2, H2, organic precursors, others 5-100 6.0" x 9.7" Optional

Process benefits

With the high performace standard of the EH Series Gridless Ion Source, users can optimise a process recipe to achieve the desired film properties, resulting in proven film enhancements:

Mounting options

The EH series of ion sources are provided in standard form as a remote mounted version with two discrete 1” or 32mm dia. bolt-hole type feedthroughs with 460mm long flexy in-vacuum power and gas lines.

Side entry connections are provided to the ion source body. A special EH source mounting bracket can also be purchased to enable variable angle of the ion beam to the substrate and also to simplify installation.

Optional 2 x 2.75” dia. UHV flanged feedthroughs are available as an alternative if required.

The EH sources may also be configured as a direct fixed flange mounted unit for system port mounting as an option, and a variety of standard UHV flange sizes are available.

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