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 Ion source consumable spares

Ionbeam Scientific is a supplier of ion source consumable spares for all KRI ion sources and also provide major spare parts support for many previously sold earlier generation Commonwealth Scientific, Veeco – Commonwealth, and Satis labelled ion sources.

Ion source spares and consumable parts costs have increased substantially over the years as major changes in the industry have taken place. Long lead times for ion source spare parts from manufacturers can often create problems for the customer, resulting in some cases to a production shutdown or a delay in a critical research programme. Many manufacturers also choose not to continue to support products that are over 5 years old.

Ionbeam Scientific, having directly experienced all of these problems previously, are volume manufacturing of many popular ion source consumable parts and those, which typically suffer from wear and tear in normal use. We aim to ensure that routinely used spares are readily available to customers – and at fiercely competitive prices.

Consumable spares



Spare Anodes for MkI & MkII ion sources are available in graphite and stainless steel. There is also a water-cooled version for the MkII. Graphite should be the material of choice for inert gas applications only with stainless steel being used for inert and reactive gases.

 Gas distributors

Gas distributors

Gas distributors for the MkI & MkII ion sources are produced in pyrolytic graphite, stainless steel and also titanium. As in the case of the anode, the material should be chosen to suit the process gases being used. Titanium is often the choice of gas distributor material for optical coating applications, particularly when oxides of titanium are being deposited as it is considered ‘native’ to the process.

 Source components

Source components

This covers a multitude of items for both MkI & MkII and others such as the Commonwealth Scientific 3cm ion sources, usually the items which suffer ‘wear and tear’ in use, lost or are subjected to heat damage causing galling of threads, etc. Cathode supports, push-on connectors, tie rods, radiation shield discs are all normally ex-stock.

 Cathode & neutraliser filaments


We always have in stock a wide range of high quality pre-formed cathode filaments for the MkI & MkII supplied in packs of 10 and stock high purity tungsten wire for other ion sources.



Regular changing of insulators should be an essential part of routine maintenance to ensure efficient and trouble-free ion source operation. We keep in stock the most commonly used types such as 10-32 and 6-32 male and female, ¼-20 male and female, ruby sapphire balls, 4-40 and 0-80 high purity alumina, and can usually supply the less common types.

 Source hardware

Source hardware

These items tend to be the more robust and more complex machined components that should not often require replacing – but sometimes need to be. Front & rear anode supports, support plates, magnets, plug & socket, and gold plated nuts and screws and hex nuts.

 Hollow cathode source components (Neutralisers)

Cathode tips

These items are designed for a long operational lifetime, but do fail and their performance will reduce over time. We stock cathode inserts and keeper plates for the HCES 5000 and also newer design replacement Hollow Cathode packages (SHC) and Plasma Bridge (LFN) types complete with power supply for those that may wish to upgrade and reduce their operational costs.

 Feedthroughs & flexy in-vacuum cables and gas lines

Feedthroughs & flexy in-vacuum cables

These are normally 18-inches in length terminating in push-on type connectors. These do suffer wear and tear and often faults may be hidden underneath the metal braiding of the electrical cables. Feedthroughs are usually of the 1-inch ‘bolt hole’ type, and several designs existed for these. We have replacements available. If in doubt, contact us for further details.

 Power supply / ion source controller spares

Ion source controller spares

There were six versions of the MkI & MkII gridless ion source controller originally produced by Commonwealth Scientific. All are now long obsolete. There were also several DC Gridded ion source controller versions such as the ID 2500/ID3500 series and Commonwealth IBS 250/IBS 350 series produced, all also now long obsolete. Successful repairs in the event of a breakdown are unlikely, if not virtually impossible.

We strongly recommend an upgrade to our ‘Drop-In’ replacement ion source power supply/controllers using modular design. These use the latest technology, are extremely reliable and well protected, providing years of trouble free operation – and above all, in the unlikely event should you ever require it, next day shipment of replacement modules.

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