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 KRI EHL linear ion sources

The linear EHL Ion / Plasma Beam sources are suited for installation with linear movement substrates, such as in-line, web coating and rotary sputtering systems. Typical, applications are in-situ cleaning and ion assisted deposition where low energy and high currents are beneficial.

The modular linear configuration has unique optimization capabilities. It uses standard cylindrical end-Hall modules placed in a linear array. The spacing and number of the modules provides total flexibility for the application. The modules can be spaced to optimize current density dose, uniformity and overall length. Since this configuration uses one electron source and a common power supply, the cost for the integrated modular linear package is therefore minimized.

Due to the wide number of variations possible, we recommend you contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Design features and advantages

EHL linear ion source versions

The modular design of the EHL Linear Ion Source enables it to be configured specifically suit a given linear geometry and source to substrate operational distance. Typical configuration examples are as follows:

 EHL 200-2/-3/-4/-5

EH200L linear ion source Two, three, four or five EH 200 linked modules with single hollow cathode

 EHL 400-2/-3/-4

EH400L linear ion source Two, three, or four EH 400 linked modules with single hollow cathode

Please contact us for further information.