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 What's new?

Firstly, we are pleased to see you have found our new Ionbeam Scientific website. We invite you to take a good look around to see what new products and features we have added. We all know that technology tends to progress rapidly and it has in our case, with lots of new product development going on - and all will be announced here.

Ionbeam Scientific announce arrival of new KRI RF2100ICP ‘Plasma Source’

23 June 2014  

Need replacement Power Supplies for older Commonwealth Scientific / Veeco / Ion Tech Ion Sources?

16 June 2014  Are you having problems with your old MKI / MKII Ion Source Controller or IBS 250 or IBS 600 Ion Source Controller?

Spare Replacement Graphite and Molybdenum Grid Optics for Commonwealth Scientific Ion Sources are now available

16 June 2014  Ion Beam Scientific is now able to offer replacement grid optics for most common sizes of CSC Ion Sources.

Ionbeam Scientific roll out details of their comprehensive range of DC and RFICP Ion Sources

16 June 2014  

Ionbeam Scientific Introduce New Ion Beam Milling and Deposition Systems

16 June 2014