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 What is an end hall gridless ion source?

The End-Hall (EH) Ion Source, again, is a permanent magnet ion source. However, a single thermionic cathode filament provides not only a source of electrons to support the plasma discharge, but also sufficient for beam neutralisation purposes. The working gas used may be inert or reactive.

It is also possible to substitute the filament with a hollow cathode electron source to permit extended filamentless operation and low maintenance. The geometry of the anode, discharge chamber, and magnetic field configuration results in a broad highly divergent, 30° half angle, ion beam being produced. The absence of grid optics significantly contributes to the rugged design and high output performance of this ion source.

End hall gridless ion source

A variety of sizes are available, however, all are of compact design to enable straightforward installation into most thin film deposition systems, whether small scale R&D or larger full scale production.

The latest versions of these sources are able to operate over a wider ion energy range and operational pressure range than earlier versions, and numerous design enhancements to magnetic configuration and anode geometry produce 30% - 100% greater ion beam output. Typical operation is over an ion energy range of 40eV – 210eV with beam currents up to, and in excess of 5 amps.

Unlike the gridded ion source, the EH source also has the benefit of being able to operate at maximum beam current throughout its entire ion beam energy range, and hence is now widely used in ion assisted deposition processes.

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